What was it that hurt me so bad up until this time? Today I woke up and felt like my normal self. What was all that last week or two, that terrible awful rocket goat kind of feeling over everything? Was it for some reason, any reason at all? Or just random? I don't know. No, I don't know, but I know nothing's random. Even rocket goat had a porpoise. Mostly his cousin laser whale. Bye for now, what-the-what, hope to never see you again! And still, I can't say what-the-what didn't teach me a thing or two.

Thing: you can always see the stars better when it's dark. Darker the better. That is, if you look up. Yeah, I know I've said this before. But whether it's what-the-what or Des, or something else, we're not in the garden anymore. That's why I think of Des, and think of the stars. Because we're gonna be in the garden again someday.

Two: I can run endurance races because I believe in porpoise. You go, aquatic mammals. But that's the whole point of races: they have a Finnish line. And a prize. And I can run to win that prize, Finnish mothers or no Finnish mothers. Probably better without Finnish mothers, by the sound. No offense to Finnish mothers. Please don't be angry with me.

Maybe, like my cupboard, some things are better without points you can see.

- Livi.