It was really hard to do anything for most of today, so I turned on the radio and listened to that for a good few hours. They had a good classical segment (well, I don't know anything about classical apart from the fact that they have men with sticks, and also cannons. But apart from that it's not much like the military) which I put on in the background while I washed dishes and some basic things that you always have to do. Now, in the corner of my kitchen, there's this weird overhead cupboard thing that juts out. It doesn't really jut out that much I mean, but when you're leaning over the counter to make teriyaki or something, you're always afraid of ending up with a poked eye. So I said to myself, I'm going to fix this.

Now I have knowledge of the dark arts of building. Mainly from my friend Tom, who bested everyone in kindergarten sandhouse building because he mixed it with glue. So I said to myself, well if I'm going to replace this door, it sure as sure is going to be something I've made myself so it's not pointy on the edges. So I thought about Tom, and realized I had glue and paper. Paper mache is basically the same thing, all flatpack furniture is made from bits of tree and glue anyway. So I got out the thin new book, which by now was old and useless, and random magazines and scraps of paper. Basically I hunted all throughout the house for spare trees, the music going on in the background all the while. I eventually found enough, and also some glue. Mom taught me that you can make glue from flour in a pinch too, but I didn't have to. So took off the door with a phillips head (sorry Phillip) and traced around it on a sheet of newspaper. Then I started the whole paper mache thing, piling one layer on top of another, and gluing it on real good. Now the music rose to a crescendo, and with flair I put on the last final, super thick coat of glue, then started on some dinner. I left the door on the counter and whipped out a frozen meal to cook in my oven (sorry Mom and Dad, it's not your one anymore) and moved a bottle of soy sauce out of the way, and put it on top of the cupboard above my work. I ate, had some dinner, and went to sleep.

Now, in the middle of the night I heard a noise of sorts, but I thought it was my dream, so I went back to sleep. But the next morning I woke up to discover my nearly-empty soy sauce bottle had fell down onto the freshly glued door, and now had become a sort of feature or accent of it. I tried pulling it off, but found that it was going to rip a hole in the whole thing, so just left it. Today I'm going to paint the whole thing, and use the bottle as a doorknob.

And people say my tastes in design aren't modern.

- Livi.