Sometimes life feels more like an endurance race than at other times. Like you just want to reach the finish line and have it all over with already. I was thinking of this when Mr. Eriksson suddenly ran past my flat. I said hey there's the gold thief! and ran out to meet him. Unfortunately by the time I got to the door he was far down the street, so I whacked on the garage door button on my keys, locked the door behind me and jumped into Mary. I said Mary, to the Finnish line! She roared out into the street (hyperbole, of course, she's a responsible driver) and I hit the garage door button again as we were going out. I said there he is Mary! and she said who? I said Mr. Eriksson, you remember him? She said oh yes, why are we chasing him? I said we're not chasing him, we're um politely following him. She said oh ok Livi. And soon we caught up. I called out from my seat, and he paused where he was and started running on the spot. I got out of the car and said hi Mr. Eriksson, oh sorry did I disturb you? He said oh hi Miss Paige not at all, just I need to keep up my heart rate, you can talk to me though. So I said just thought I'd say hi, since I saw you running past The Complex. He said oh yes I have another event in the city next month, just practising. How have you been? I tried to think whether to say something or not, but soon found I couldn't concentrate either way since he was bobbing up and down all the time. So I started running on the spot too, and keeping in pace with him. I said to him, ah that's better, I can see you now. Oh, Mary, you can go home if you want, I'll catch up with you later and let you in. She said ok thanks Livi, turned around and drove down the street. I said so it's been a bit of a long race for me as well, old Finn. I thought I'd ask you if you had any good tips. I said this, but he seemed to be concentrating on something behind me. I looked back, and only saw Mary, and the other cars.

He said (eventually), yes well I am practising for my event next month. It is a shame you don't have any more here in the Falls! I said well true, but I guess the city is much larger. Is it another short distance event you're in? He said no, it is a long race around the city outskirts. I said oh, and how do you practice for endurance races compared to short distance races? He said ah well, you need to envisage your mother at every turn, instead of just for 100 metres. I said does she still scare you? He said mothers with wooden spoons do not forget, this is a Finnish proverb. I said well supposing my mother was the opposite, how do I train for an endurance race? He said pretend my mother is coming after you. I said ok well fair enough, but I think I might think of interdimensional referees if you don't mind. He said whatever floats your boat. We talked for a while longer but soon I could see he was becoming antsy, I mean my pace was pretty slow compared to him, and I think I was coming up on needing Ventalin.

So I walked back to The Complex and let Mary in, made some dinner, and turned on the radio. I said to myself, well if I'm going to learn an endurance race, I better learn it from someone who's gone before.

- Livi.