I remember when I was twelve, the city had this huge blackout. By huge, I mean the whole city's power got cut. I was still pretty afraid of the dark, and having no nightlight seemed super duper scary. It was just as I got into bed when the blackout happened (I was young, so I went to bed earlier than most people), and I started calling out for Mom, Dad, SWAT teams, the NAVY, and pretty much anyone else I could think of. Unfortunately only Mom and Dad came. He said sweetie (I did whack into Mom's brownies that day, so he was probably right), there's a blackout, but no need to worry, your Mom and I are here with you. I said but Dad it's so dark and I'm scared. Dad said well Livi let me tell you a secret about the dark. I said what. He said well when the world goes dark, there's one thing you can usually see better in these times. I said what. He said follow me. But I wouldn't. After all, as much as I trusted Dad's triceps and biceps, I still think the navy, or at least a SWAT or two would have been necessary to fight off the carpet monsters. So instead he carried me out of bed and down the stairs. I said Dad where are we going? He said outside. So he carried me outside, and then all of a sudden I saw light. I said Dad what are those? He said stars.

I had never seen so many of them. Purple and blue, and white and yellow. Literally, they all had tints of color. I watched them in just total absolute wonderiffic stupemazement. I thought there were only two stars, mainly the electricity pylon up west and the top of the banking tower. But apparently God didn't make those kind of stars. As Dad and I stood outside (me still clutching his hand), I said, "Dad, why don't we get to see this every night?" He said, "well, because of all our city lights. You see, everything we turn on at night makes it hard to see all the stars. They're bright, aren't they? But they're also very far. So we can only see the things close by when the power is on."

Soon after, the lights flashed, and suddenly everything went back on. I remember looking out of my window for a while, and then Dad came in to turn my nightlight on, but I said Dad, you know I think I'll leave it off for a while. And that was the last time I used a nightlight.

- Livi.