We pause now for a brief intermission to interview Miss Paige. Miss Paige, what is it that you wanted to tell your viewers?


Right. Back to you, Time Girl.

Thank you, Tiana. Today on the program, we learn that Miss Paige has nothing more to say. Her mind is completely blank! Even the Shaolin monks who say om for thirteen hours each day cannot compete with the blankness of her mind! She has been staring at an empty blog post for the last hour and could not even think of one sentence to write! All Buddhists in the world are crowding at her door and begging her to tell them the secret to having reached Nirvana at such an early age! But when they finally get to talk to her, she just looks at them with a blank expression. All the monks are awestruck and bow with their faces to the ground.

Sorry viewers, we interrupt this segment to bring you reports of breaking news. Yes, Miss Paige's brain is back online. She has typed her first word!


Right. Back to you, Helga.