Sorry, I don't know what happened to my blog yesterday, I think I forgot. Yeah, nothing too much to say today, all going well, all going well. I looked through some online ads to see if I could find any job leads, still haven't got a call back from the fairy grids, which is probably for the best, as I don't like fairies, or grids, so fairy grids is just a bad idea in general. A Major Failure. Still looking for that job to be a fairy godmother, nothing yet. Then it occurred to me, someone could be a Mary godmother. Actually I think the twelfth would suit pretty well, in fact she's pretty much already the Mary godmother. Yep, next time I see her I will inform her of her new role that she has been forced into.

Speaking of the M, I went downstairs and apologized to her, I think I didn't talk to her at all yesterday, so I went down with a hop in my step, which is never a good idea because to get downstairs there are, well stairs, but anyway, I caught the handrail and said hi Mary how art thou? Dost thou prosper in good health? She said what are you saying Livi? I said I don't really know, also I'm glad you didn't reply, because I was out of ye olde words after that. Apart from ye, and olde.

Mary said Livi are you feeling bubbly again? I sat down and cried. Mary, I told you you're not a psychologist, but I think you know me too well. After I stopped I said Mary I'm sorry, that was silly of me. I'm just overtired, I don't know why, anyway, let me open the garage for you. And so I did, and we looked out. Mary said Livi what's up? And we both started singing


Yep, she's been around me too long. I said honestly Mary I'm ok, I have nothing to complain about, I'm just feeling, well yeah, bubbly. Or not bubbly. Because when you say you're feeling bubbly it's a car thing, and I'm not a car, but basically the same thing, except non-engine-like if that makes any sense. Does anything make any sense? I guess sense makes sense. Do I make sense?

I heard Mary laugh, then I did too, and I remembered punching the timer to 5:22, and I thought to myself, oh no I've left my dinner in the microwave.

- Livi.