I turned on the TV today, I don't often, but barely sat there for a minute, it was so hard to watch anything. I tried playing music and whacking on my marimba, but I couldn't find any enjoyment at all in them. I had my devotions, but they seemed dry as porridge made without milk. Maybe these times are to help me remember that God is God no matter what I feel. Or maybe these times are to help me see some sin in my life. Or maybe these times are just for some reason I can't know. I won't think about being sad, because I'm not, I have no reason to be.

As I was walking across the street today, I wondered why it was white and black, and black and white. Why not yellow or pink? The crosswalk, I mean. Then there was an ad on the side of a bus about a flightless bird who lived in an extreme climate. It was an ad for sneakers, I think. The animal was an ostrich, of course. Then I went past an expensive looking shop where a guy was wearing a suit and tie. I said to myself, oh yeah, what do they call those suits again? That's right, a tuxedo.

- Livi.