As I promised, here is the web blog I said I'd start on my arrival at Sparrow Falls. Or is it a webblog? Or web-log? Don't talk to me about webs. There are enough of those things in this apartment. But that's for another time.

The town is pretty much like everything we've been told it would be. Drove Mary up the whole way instead of catching a plane - it was an utterly beautiful drive up. Mid summer now I know, and I'm sure it would have been more pretty in spring, but you have to move when you have to move. Unfortunately didn't catch any photographs on the way up as we were absolutely floored for time, and I've really only made it home now, and it's VERY LATE. But I've quickly set up my laptop and started this blog on the webs. So I've just ducked out and taken some photographs for all you who will be bugging me for them. Here is a photograph of Sparrow Falls I've taken outside just now:

Here is a photograph of my apartment that I've just moved to:

And here is a photograph of me:

I am yawning now, so I'm going to connect to the webs and post this blog, then go to sleep. Is it a web-blog, or a web-log? Web-something, I suppose.

Now you have me thinking about spiders. Well, goodnight, all.