As I woke up, there was this terrible feeling that came out of nowhere. I said sadness, go back to nowhere. But it didn't. Somehow I woke up and everything felt dead, and I looked towards the window, and it was definitely morning, because there were some streams of light coming from behind the curtains, but I couldn't get myself out of bed for like three hours. Now as I'm writing this I'm saying to myself Livi you're ridiculous. What was I thinking about? I can't even remember.

I think I spent the day looking for some jobs in the new thin book. I opened it up and flipped through, but didn't find much. I think I ate lunch, and then went to bed early. Oh yeah, I also opened the garage for Mary, and then closed it again. Yep, and I also wrote this blog. I did some cleaning, mostly the bathroom area, which was due, but first the microwave. I have my priorities straight.

Let me tell you this story about when I was five, I think I was going to mention it last when I was talking about the spreadsheets. Well, I was out in the garden with a big stick and there were all these icicles hanging off the roof. Now, I had found out that if you whack them with just the right amount of strength, they produce a ding kind of sound. So I was going all around the house trying to figure out which icicles would allow me to play jingle bells. There was this icicle around the front that I think was pretty well close to the DASH- part, and another around the side that was like the ING, and then again at the front was one I used to play THROUGH. I had just gone around doing a round of shouting DASH- as I whacked each icicle to see if it was the right note, before I found that one. Then I went onto ING, and ran around the house yelling ING as I whacked each and every icicle. I only got to through as my Dad came out and asked how I was going. I said Dad I'm trying to play jingle bells, but I don't feel very productive, I've only got to THROUGH after half an hour. Good old Dad said oh don't stress about that Livi, come inside and you can be productive with me. I said alright, what are we doing?

- Livi.