I was running late to church. Probably it was my fault for running. And in socks, of all things. I had forgot socks don't grip on lino. They don't grip at all on lino. They grip all right on carpet, in fact if you get a long enough headstart and speed, you can kind of surf on carpet if you've got the right socks. Don't ask me how I know this. So I was heading to grab some breakfast, and planning to let Mary drive as I ate, when suddenly the next thing I know is I'm staring up at the ceiling. It's a very interesting ceiling, with several splotches from some unidentified event that must have happened in The Complex' history. But I didn't have time to be staring at ceilings, this isn't the St. Basilica. So I got up, whacked on some boots (my sneakers as you may remember encountered a tenth century egg) and bounded into the front with a bowl of cereal.

Now as I was munching on my cereal, and Mary was driving, I remembered I left my jacket in the back seat, so I leaned over to get it. As I got back to my sitting position, we pulled up to a stop light and I finished off my cereal, then checked my phone to see that I was on silent. There came a honk beside me, and I looked over to see a guy asking me if I was okay. I said yeah sure, how are you? And he said alright. Then we zoomed off from the lights and eventually arrived at church. When I got out, I realized the steering wheel was on the other side again.

I hop skipped and jumped into the auditorium, though it wasn't a long distance event, and made it just in time for the service. I think something must have gone wrong with my alarm this morning. So the service started, and the music began to play. I said to myself wow glad I made it in time, and breathed a sigh of relief. But somehow I was struggling to concentrate as the songs were singing this morning, and I couldn't quite get my mind onto the words he was saying. I said Livi pull yourself together, but somehow everything seemed entirely dead to me today. I mean, I don't love it any the less, but just suddenly today everything seemed to be hard to understand, and I went home feeling a bit dazed. I said to myself, Livi you need to get some sleep, and so I did.

I'm sorry for this weird entry, I don't even know what happened today.

- Livi.