There was this guy at the park today, and he was reading a book. I was sitting looking at all the trees and hopefully not bees, when I noticed how intently he was reading. I said to myself hmm I wonder what this guy is reading. So I was looking at the cover from the distance, it was a kind of a blue cover with white letters I think, and I tried to figure what else was on the cover, maybe it would give me a clue. Then he stopped reading and looked up from his book. At this point it became pretty hard to see what he was looking at, so I waited until he started reading again, and took the book from his lap. Yep, it was a blue book with white letters all right, and I tried to make out what the letters were. He stopped and looked up, and then I realized oh whoops he's looking in my direction, quick Livi look away. Yeah, he wasn't looking at me anyhow right? And he went back to reading and so I tried to figure it out again, when he glanced up. Oh no, he definitely thinks I'm looking at him now doesn't he. No, um wow this is awkward, um now Livi look away. Oh no he's reading oh what the what why not...

So I stood up and walked over to him, and said um hi how are you? And he looked up at me and I said um yeah I was just really like wondering if that was a book I knew. I mean I know you wouldn't know if that was a book I'd know, I was just thinking to myself it reminded me of a book. Actually it didn't remind me of a book, and I was just wondering what it was since it looked so interesting yeah can I see? And he blinked and held out the book to me. ON THE ABERRATION OF STARLIGHT. I said oh I never knew starlight was an aberration. He said it was. Eventually we got to laughing and talking and I found out he was a scientist, actually an astronomer. He said what do I do? I said well nothing at the moment. Well that's not true, I have my own laboratory. He said what do you study. I said froyo, mostly. That was where the conversation broke down.

Also, when I said I hear my daughter honking the horn to go home, she's been in the parking lot alone for the last three hours, he looked at me weirdly.

- Livi.