I said Mary, let's go for a walk. She said ok Livi sounds good. So we did. She drove us down to some place not too far west where there's nothing but the rolling hills going out, and also going in, and pretty much every way except towards the town. I said I need to stretch my leggins, you can drive about or beside me if you want. So we just went on a short stroll. Though I'm not sure it's called a stroll for a car. Maybe a roll? So she drove on slowly beside me, and I said Mary I can't seem to find a job anywhere. She said I'm sorry Livi, I wish I could help. I said ah well thanks M, I'm just feeling like all doors are closed at the moment. But it's been nice having some time more at home, or driving with you, or catching up with the DLS. Mary said oh yes that was good. When is actual Christmas? I said Mary you have to wait.

But the walk was really nice. I said to her, look at all those hills, you can't even see the end of them, they're like a big green ocean. She said the ocean doesn't look like hills. I said yeah true but it's like a common saying, so it must be something artists say or something. Mary said I want to be an artist. I said oh no what have I said now. She said when I grow up I want to be an artist. I said um Mary maybe after you've grown up completely, I mean I've heard being an artist is pretty hard to make a living on. You just relax for now. She said I want paints. I said Mary how will you draw? She said I'll have Dylan convert my transducifier tangents to hold paint. I said I don't know what a transducifier tangent is, but that doesn't sound like a good idea. And you'd get my garage messy. And how would you even paint? She said with my wheels. I said Mary this is just sounding like a big fat insurance bill. She said what about the practice field? I said yeah what about the practice field? Then suddenly I had images in my head of Mary driving around painting it. NO, I said.

So the conversation switched back to the scenery, and I said well look M, you can see the Falls I think from here. All the many falls. She said is that it? I said I think so, that's the big great main hill out in this area where the falls come from. She said tell me again about the falls. I said I don't particularly want to recall it. She said why not? I said BEES.

We drove back after that, I said Mary take whatever route you want, have a good old drive yourself. So she did, and honked at all the ducks.

- Livi.