I'm told that century eggs are a delicacy in China, which are eggs that are left for a century. Except they're not left, they're right in some pickling solution, and that it's more like 100 days. The reason I bring this up is that I accidentally had a go at doing the same thing, except mine is a tenth century egg.

You see, ten days ago I bought a dozen eggs, except when I went to unpack them it wasn't a dozen. I figured oh well spacetime quantum fusion and all, and went on with my day. But however, I later found that one egg under Mary's back seats. Now, what I should mention is that we had a couple of warmish days. And you know how the inside of a car gets even when it's not overly hot, but the sun is shining. So let me just say when I saw that egg I thought oh no do not break egg do not break egg do not break egg.

Now, I picked it up as gently as I could, repeating to myself the said thing, and made my way over to the rubbish bin. However, I had a bit of a problem. You see, when I tried to lift the lid, it was a bit stuck, so it needed two hands. Well I opened it and then looked back in my hand to find the egg had gone invisible. I said to myself wow I'm finding out new superpowers all the time. Then I smelled a terrible terrible smell, and suddenly I realized I wanted to buy new shoes.

That's one for the freezer, two for the show, three to get eggy, and four to go off.

- Livi.