"So do you have any prior experience with spreadsheets at all?" "Well yes I learned a thing or two from my Dad way back." "Oh yes?" "Yeah, I was five at the time, and he was trying to teach me productivity, but I was playing outside with a stick and a-" Livi, don't tell that story. "Um, yeah a little."

So today I had a fake real job. I mean I did everything I would have normally as a personal assistant, except I was more shadowing the actual p.a. and following her lead. But I did organize actual appointments and click things in the fairy box. So it's like those trial licenses where you get the full program, but only for a couple days. In this case, I got a trial existence as a p.a. I've yet to find a trial existence as a fairy godmother. Still, mustn't be down.

The lady took me first through some basics of the fairy box to test my computence. I have a very high level of computence. The fairy box I was on had all these grids and buttons above the grids which did things to the grids. Basically it's like those maths books in highschool, only that the fairies are in charge of them. So I told the fairies to do some calculations, and then I followed the lady as she organized an appointment for the agent. I was wondering to myself all this time what would happen if the fairies turned out to be evil? I mean we give them all this information about ourselves. Personally I never trust fairies. Anyhow, we did some things, most of it was like a jet plane, or the planet Mars in that it went over my head, but I tried my best.

At the end of the half-day, I thanked the lady for her time, and she thanked me for coming in. As I got into my car, I had a look in the driver's mirror and suddenly realized I had my collar up all day long.


- Livi.