Are you sure you've left your keys in the car? Yes I'm sure Livi, said Susan, I definitely remember going to talk to Mrs. Raincliff in the parking lot, but I don't remember taking anything out of my car. Hmm, hey Mary do you remember seeing Susan this morning? Oh yes, she said. Right, and did you see her with her keys? I don't remember seeing that sorry Livi. Hrmm, I said. Hmm, Susan said. The froyo thickens.

We sat in the parking lot deciding what to do, I said maybe Dylan can just change your locks. She said I know, but I've also got my house key on there. Oh, right, I said. Then we fell to talking of her work for a while. She said that her newest student was learning the butterfly swim, and explained a bit of it to me. I thought butterflies couldn't swim, but what do I know. She asked me how the job hunt was going. I need a bigger gun, I said. But I said that I had actually got a spreadsheet job type interview on Monday, so Helga was sort of excited for that. She said oh good news, hope that goes well for you. Then we looked around at the parking lot. We were the only ones left. So I said to her, well we can get you to your place, or call the D? She said oh but I'm determined to find this key. So we spent half an hour looking around the parking lot, and in the bushes and sidewalk. Then I suddenly thought, and said to her, hey you know someone who knows where it is, and doesn't mind being bothered about small things like this? Susan said who? And we both asked forgiveness for not having asked him.

Susan said wouldn't it be funny if it was under my car. So we looked. I think the reason we can't find things sometimes is maybe so we can remember what else we've forgotten.

- Livi.