Preparations for Samtsirhc are well underway. I went down to the park today and cut off a big long pine branch that was hanging off the side of a tree, like a weird shaped offshoot, so I didn't feel strange cutting it off. I did however feel strange using my bread knife to cut it, since that was all I had. I hope nobody was watching. That's why Mary kept me covered.

So it's hanging up in my microwave room with a bit of duct tape attached to the ceiling, branch end up of course, and waiting for the L to come with bubbles, tinsel, and candy cranes. I've found a good way to make room in the room by stacking the ovens towards the kitchen side wall, all up to the roof. That way now there is actually some living that can be done in the living room. Also I can play my marimba.

All this upside down business has got me thinking how upside down everything seems sometimes. You think life is all sunshine and rainbows when you're little. You think you have all these big grand eye-deers for your future when you're young, and when you grow up you find most of them are no-eye-deers. Somehow the whole world seemed in my reach. It's pretty funny, because I had really short arms back then. But I'm not complaining, more just there's this point of realizing that life isn't in The Garden anymore, and that all our dreams, well they're just dreams. But then I also think about Des, and well maybe our dreams are in reach, just a very very long reach. And I guess that's what hope's about. A Person.

- Livi.