I got a text message from a new number today. It said "hi love." I said oh wow a secret admirer. So I texted back and said "bye love," and waited to see how loyal this admirer was. Then the number called. "I said hi you have reached the number of the most dashing woman in the world, Olivia Paige." Then the person on the other end answered, "and you are being called by the person who is responsible for giving birth to the most dashing woman in the world." I laughed. "Oh, um hi Mom. I thought you were a secret admirer." "Oh no Livi, you know your father and I don't need to be secret that we admire and love who you are." "Hey Mom, you've called me on a different number. What happened to your landline?" "Oh no Livi, I've got a mobile phone." "You? You've got a mobile phone? Wow good on you Mom, how are you finding it?" "Oh, I'm feeling pretty up to date, I've got the hang of this. I even sent a message to my friend who's got the flu, using the keypad." "Oh yeah, what did you send? Like smileys or something?" "No, I sent her a LOL." "Uh, what? I thought you said your friend had the flu?" "She does. I sent her a Lots Of Love." "Uh, Mom, that means Laugh Out Loud." There was silence on the other end. "I think I need to call you back," Mom said. "I think you do too," I said. And with that, the call ended.

Dear reader, have you ever wondered where I get my disaster-prone nature from?

- Livi.