"Hey Dad, this bread's hard. Like really hard." "I know, that's because it's a rock." "So how do I cut this exactly?" "I'm busy Livi, ask your Mom for a chisel." "Do you have like butter or something? And probably a glass of milk. Or nine?" "I don't know Livi, go ask your Mom." "Moooom! Can I have some butter? And like a bucket of milk and 200 antacids?"

"Dad, can we have fish for dinner?" "Yeah whatever Livi, I'll get something on my way home." *Later* "Hey Dad, this fish is weird." "What's your problem now?" "Um, are you sure this is a fish?" "Yeah, it's got scales, hasn't it? Sit down and help me prep this thing." "Okay Dad, but um since when do fish have fangs?" "It's a road-fish. I picked it up on the highway as I was driving home, like I promised." "It's pretty long for a fish." "Livi be quiet and help me remove this rattler."

At least that's how I imagine it. Dad I am grateful that you never gave me snakes, or a rock. Actually you did give me pop rocks and gummy snakes, so you kind of did, but to be fair I did ask for them, so that's different. Yeah it's amazing how little I appreciated you when I was growing up, and you always did give me things that were good for me. Most of the time I got what I wanted, but sometimes I didn't. And that's because you wanted to give me something better. And I remember most of all that one momentous day when the reason you were such a good father, and always made a point of telling me you loved me BECAUSE you were my father, well there was a day when I suddenly understood all of that, and came to know our Father. And such a good Father he is.

- Livi.