I picked up some eggs on my way today, but the strangest thing happened when I took them out of my shopping bag when I was inside. There were eleven in a dozen. I said Mary is there such a thing as a quantum egg?

On another note (B flat) there were some snowflakes coming down today. Now where I've lived before, and in the Falls there's not a whole lot of snow. It's a more temperate area (I think that's the word) so the snow is pretty light at the worst of times. Or best, depending on how much you like snow. As they all fell down, I tried catching some of them in my hand, and of course they all immediately dissolved. It was beautiful, though. Each one unique, I've heard. And so much of it we don't even see. To think there's someone out there who imagined each snowflake, and there I was just seeing one or two. And the snowflakes fell around the town, and spotted the rooves and the houses and trees and roads with specks of snow, although they didn't last long, but others fell and took their place. They fell for about two hours I think, and I looked out my window and watched. Sometimes it's just nice to be quiet and watch the world go on around you.

- Livi.