So I decided to go on a walk today. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a walk. You know, where you put one foot in front of the other. That's also how my Dad said you get a job, I'm not sure how they connect, but worth a try. So Mary drove down to a part of the town we hadn't been to before, and parked on a side road. I said to her, I'll be an hour or two, be back before lunch. So I went off to have a wander. I went past this small parkland area that was new to me, it must have been an upmarket part of town because there were lots of these flower beds planted, also just in general the lawn and everything looked super maintained. So I wandered through this little park thing for a while, then out onto some other roads and looked at all the houses and trees as I walked. It was a nice day too, wasn't too hot or too cold, there wasn't a whole lot of sun being winter, but still some patchy blue sky here and there. I said to myself, I'm glad I went on a walk. That was the first hour. The second hour I said to myself, I wish I didn't go on a walk. And the reason was that I was lost.

But it's okay. I'm a woman, I'm allowed to ask for directions. So I asked a random pedestrian (who didn't have the sudden urge to invite me over for dinner), I'm a bit lost, can you help me? He said sure, where did you come from? I said oh right that would probably help to know. He stood there for a minute with me before I thanked him for his time and wondered where on earth I had gotten myself to, and also where was Mary. I had no idea which direction was north, or east, or west, or picnic. And I sure didn't take a whole lot of notice where I had asked Mary to park either, so that was no good in getting directions. So I wandered around for a bit before finding this grass kind of area and sat down. Now I didn't actually cry, but I sure felt like it. I thought to myself oh no now what how do I even start getting help to find Mary, or home? This is bad. And I sat there for probably an hour deciding what to do, and not coming up with any idea at all, and being scared to walk more because I'd only get more lost. It was definitely past lunchtime by the time I stood up and said to myself, well now what? I can't stay here forever. And it was then a streak of yellow went by, and I called out. I said Mary I've never been so glad to see you in all my life. She said what happened did you get lost? I said yes I need a LGPS. She said I'm glad I found you! and we drove back home.

Next time I'm taking shorter walks, or walks in the areas I know.

- Livi.