We didn't get around to calling the S yesterday because of some things I had going on, but we did give the L a call re inverted Christmas, which I think should be known as Samtsirhc. She said yes Samtsirhc sounds fantastic, a bit of a break from magazines, plus a chance to catch up with you all! I said we're also planning to give the S a call, hopefully she'll come too. L said what should we bring? I said well you could bring the roast fish if you like. She said fish? But isn't it Christmas? I said no it's Samtsirhc. Turkeys live on the land. Therefore you need something that lives in the sea. She said fair enough, I'll bring roast fish. Do you have a tree? I said nope but I'm planning to go down to the reserve and cut off a big whopping branch. She said ok I'll bring baubles then? I said that would be fanflubbulous. She said wondergruffle. I said stupendable! Then we hung up.

Later I gave Susan a call, well actually I put Mary on loud speaker, and she gave Susan a call while I went upstairs to double check I had some work-looking business shirts or similar in which to take the interview. While they talked I looked through my wardrobe and found there my old work shirt. I couldn't help but feel a bit sad. I thought you know I've worked through all those emotions, and he's made perfect now, he's with the almighty, he's in paradise, so why am I weeping? I guess I'm weeping for me. But I've worked through those emotions, this is silly Livi. Then I remembered. Jesus wept. And I didn't feel so bad after all. And you know what, I'm sad, but with hope, those times I think of him.

But my thoughts were cut short (to 1.5 inches) as the La Cucaracha sounded loud and clear. I went down the stairs and said Mary what is it? Can't you just use your inside voice and call my name? She said sorry, Susan wants to talk to you. I said hi Susan, how's it going? She seemed upbeat. She said yep I'm well, also I'd love to come to your Santsirhc. I said wonderfrub, has Mary talked to you about it? She said oh yes, count me in. When do we do the un-secret santa? I said well now I guess, anytime you like, I haven't really thought about it. I guess I'll pull all names out of the hat. Maybe I should call you back. She said wait before you do Livi there's something I want to tell you first. I said sure.

Susan said Livi I want to thank you for all your care for me and prayers these last few months, and for Sauntie. My heart sunk. I said S, you know you don't have to thank me for that, you're my friend, and more than that, forever family. She said I know, but I have to tell you about Sauntie. I felt like I couldn't breathe, and all those early days of April came back to haunt my mind suddenly. She said Livi, Sauntie's in remission. She's in total remission! And I stood there for about a minute processing. I thought this was serious, I said. It was, she said, but this is healing, I mean the doctors have helped her and all, but thanks be to God! She's healed! Oh Livi, my precious auntie is healed! I breathed a silent word of thanks and praise to God. I said S that's amazing, that's an answer to prayer. I know how much Sauntie means to you, to hear that she's healed - hooray! Praise God! And we did on the phone, for about an hour. Then a honk came downstairs, and Mary said she wanted to join in the chat. So I put her on loudspeaker again, and we all had a chat long into the night.

Whether someone we loves goes home or stays, I know God's work is always done, and we can't be taken out of his hands. But it's so good to hear that sometimes he calls them to stay and comfort us, and that does make life just a little bit brighter sometimes.

- Livi.