Today was just such a hard day, don't know why. Bright and sunny summer day, but I just felt so down when I woke up. Good old Mary seemed to know, and played La Cucaracha as we stopped at a traffic light. Or maybe she just likes La Cucuracha. It's hard to know. But anyway, stocked the shelves, and restocked the shelves, and came home, but it just all seemed so empty. Even my devotions seemed dry. Like where is God? I know he's always here, but why does he sometimes seem a million miles away for no apparent reason?

There was a chip packet I forgot on the back seat when I moved here, turned out it still had some chips in it. I decided to taste one. It was like soggy lettuce. Don't know if you've ever had soggy lettuce, but the texture is like old chips. But not salty. That would be weird.

- Livi