I got a job call today, out of the blue! Still not sure where that is. Maybe the ocean. In which case, this means Atlantis exists. They said "hi, is this Olivia Paige?" I said "it sure is, disqualificator supreme, and microwave technician!" The line went silent a moment. "This is QuickNest The Falls branch calling, a real estate enterprise. We've received your resume, and think you might be a possible fit for our company." I whacked my head. That was the totally wrong greeting I gave. I transformed into Helga. "Yes, that would be my resume you've received. I have experience in the retail sector. Would you be able to tell me more?" "Certainly. We are after a personal assistant for one of our sales reps, he is extremely overworked at the minute in the apartment sector, and needs someone to take over his roles of organizing timesheets, and fitting in meetings. It would be spreadsheet-based work. Have you any experience in that?" "No," I said, but remembering my other career advice from Dad, "however I do have much experience in a similar role, aiding the shop owner with completing tasks on time, and prioritizing tasks. I believe this knowledge could well roll over into the role you have." "Excellent, are you available to speak at a later date? I am booked out this week, but next Wednesday I have a slot at 10:15am, if that suits you." "Yes," I said quickly, "that would be my pleasure." "Wonderful, we'll look forward to meeting you then," she said. "As will I," Helga returned in her professional manner, and then hung up. And then I put on some blues and rocked around the apartment for the next half hour.

- Livi.