"Hey Mom, so you know how we had some royal blood in our ancestry, like a couple centuries ago?" "Oh yes?" "Well, did you know we have African blood too?" "You mean from Adam?" Dad said. I said "no, I mean a guy living today. I just got a letter from him, well a couple days ago now, I haven't heard back from him, and he's an African prince who grows corn." "What are you talking about Livi?" said Mom. "Just that, like there's this guy who sent me an email, he's our long lost relative." Then there was silence on the other end of the line. I wasn't sure if they were surprised or were trying to keep it a secret, and didn't want me to find out about it for some reason. "Livi," said Dad, "once last year we received an envelope from someone in Vanuatu asking us for help for avalanche relief. We didn't give him anything, of course, and..."

Yep, he was changing subject again. For some reason he was trying to avoid mention of the prince by talking about avalanches. I mean, I respect my parents and all, but what secret were they trying to hide? Anyway, I decided I would forgive them, and have Absalom's back regardless. "Oh yes, I see," I said, and then went on talking about other subjects. Well, I sure hope my advice to Mr. Kumaro was helpful in sowing that corn, and I hope he's been able to look over my pictures of gift cards and find some interest in them. Hopefully one day if I get enough money I can go fly over and we can all talk about microwaves and corn and cards together. Shame my parents probably won't come, but that's alright, I can't expect them to. Not all relatives get along, I guess.

After church I also had a good long chat to Mary, about Mr. Kumaro, as well as other things. I said to Mary, did you know we have a relative in Africa? Well, not you, but me. She said well that means I have one too though. I said oh right sure. And anyhow, this Mr. Kumaro is in fact a prince, Mary! Well there you go, we have a prince who's related to us. She said did Grandma and Grandpa know, I said yes I just called them but they didn't want to speak about him, they started talking about snow and things. Then we talked about a few other things until the sun went down, and we sat and listened to the crickets chirp, and the birds sing.

- Livi.