"Hi again Absalom, just wanted to let you know you're really lovely too. It warms my heart to know there are such self-sacrificial, humble people like you who don't ask much, just for some information about corn and credit card numbers. Oh yeah, the numbers I have on my card are mostly zeroes. Isn't that weird? But there's no fives or sixes. So there you go.

I remember when I was in school my professor, but not the one who liked haggi and wore roger fedoras, he always talked to us about psychology, and how people who were always downtrodden in their youth are the most complimentary. So I'm really sorry if that's been the case, I just want you to know that you're like on the same level with me and all, you don't have to feel like you have to keep calling me lovely. Although I'm pretty flattened by it.

Also, speaking of numbers this reminds me of dice. My Dad always brought me up to understand the difference between a dice and die, die being plural. The problem was that this was the only part of my vocabulary that was advanced. Now board game nights don't usually turn out well for me as a rule, but when I was seven or so I went over to a friend's house and we all played a board game. We set up all the pieces, now in this game everybody had to have dice. But we had some issues finding enough, so the friend's mother helped search through cupboards and all. Her son, being the one to throw the party, got his pieces last. We all sat down to have sandwiches, but I liked mine cut into triangles (isosceles), so I went into the kitchen where the Mom was and asked for a knife. As I was turning back with it in my hand, I said don't worry your son's gotta die.

Anyway, die or no die, I feel like I play routlette whenever I go out anywhere, especially when I eat out with friends. Do you eat out much where you are? Livi."

I didn't hear back from him today. I guess if even the post mail doesn't work, his interweb connection is probably bad too.

- Livi.