"Hiya Absalom, I was pretty sure the numbers were plastic and foil. Now I did a bit of research to help answer your question, and I found out that actually although it's definitely all plastic, the numbers have a kind of paint on them which is metallic. Not actual foil. So there you go, the numbers are plastic and metallic paint. Hey, I scratched around in some of my drawers today and found some really old and dead gift cards from birthdays long ago, so I've taken a few snaparoonies on my cameruh and attached them to this email so you can see all kinds of different cards.

Sorry, I'm sure you're busy and all, but still hoping to know what your favorite subjects were in school! Also, did you take any training after, or is being a prince like a full-time thing? I've only had one full-time role (apart from being a human) and that was in a convenience store. But I don't want to talk too much about that, it's in the past and I've moved on. Right now I'm looking for work. Maybe I can become a princess? I wonder if there's royal positions available in Sparrow Falls? I kind of doubt it, but you never know these days. I mean I never expected to hear from a long lost relative on the other side of the world! So good to know though, hope you're doing well. How's that corn farm going? I just made a bit of popcorn today myself, turned out super well. I'm also a really good cook, lasagne and things. I've also invented things like a new style of fencing, and shoe phones. Do you get to do any cool things you remember as prince? I wish I was a royal. Anyway, good to hear from you, Absalom! Talk soon, Livi."

"Hello Livi Paige, yes it is good to hear from you. Thank you for information about plastic and paint and for photos. Very lovely. Yes my favorite subjects was princeology, very lovely course. I need your help on corn Livi Paige, it is very sad and needs your help. Please I need three tonnes corn to sow corn for year. I need to know what are the numbers are on your card. Please be very lovely and help Miss Livi Paige. Thank you, your relative lovely Absalom."

Yikes, three tonnes of corn! The guy was in a bit of trouble. I did a bit of research, and from what I could gather, the best place to track down that much corn from last year, so it's still good for germinating, would be a farmer's market. I think I should suggest to him getting a good truck as well for carrying it all if he hasn't already.

- Livi.