"Dear Mr. Kumaro, I can now confirm that corn can be cooked in the microwave, also popcorn can be popped in the microwave, although not actual popcorn, as in corn that is already pre-popped, because that would defeat the porpoise. Tell me more about your farm, I'm very interested to know. Here in Sparrow Falls we have some farms, although I haven't seen any corn, mostly grass, hay, and wheat. I talked to a farmer once and he said the most difficult part of it was sowing, because you don't know how things will turn out in the harvest. Has that been your experience too?

Also, tell me about your family! Do you have many brothers or sisters, or children? I'm an only child, I have one daughter of my own. Although she's not genetically related to me, it's a long story. Do you enjoy living where you live? Yes, Sparrow Falls is lovely, you should come sometime."

That was the email I sent late yesterday after having blogged, and today around noon I received an email back!

"Dear Miss Paige, yes I do love very much my lovely country which is why I need your help about my farm because my grandma can't helped me more. Good thank you for microwaves and about corn, very lovely story. I have corn in my farm, yes sowing too. I am only remaining child, which is why need your help, I can't help farm alone. So please send me a photo of your bank card at once. Thank you lovely you are most lovely Miss Paige. Absalom Kumaro."

Poor guy. I thought to myself, now I remember my bank teller saying not to upload photos of my bank card because some people might get hold of the photo and use it for wrong reasons. So I wrote back,

"Dear Absalom, I totally get your interest in seeing my bank card since I know you said you don't have many there where you are, mostly just corn. Unfortunately I'm worried someone might get hold of the photo online somehow, that's what my bank person told me anyhow, and use it to buy things. But don't worry, I have a good idea! I'll go to the bank and get a brochure on their new cards, they always have photos of what their new cards look like, and I can post it to you! Just email me your home address and I'll send it right off!

I am really sorry to hear about your grandmother and brothers too, that's really terrible. I hope you're doing all right by yourself, well I wonder if I can help you a bit with your farm by asking some farmers if they have any experience with corn. I'll try to ring a few numbers for you, and let you know next I'm writing. Shame we're separated by so big an ocean, otherwise we'd definitely have to catch up. I'd love to keep in touch as penpals! That'd be so cool. Have you got microwaves where you live? Olivia."

- Livi.