I jumped onto my laptop to check my emails. Then I realized that if I kept doing that, the screen would probably break. So I sat down instead, and turned it on. I was going through my emails, when the most exciting of all things happened! I got an email from a distant relative I never knew! I kid you not, I'll tell you all about it.

"Dear Olivia Paige, I most happy to make contact last from years searching to contact you. I have been told long time that I have much lovely relatives all lovely on other side of world, long time wait to see. At last I confirmed what family said, that all most lovely relatives are on other lovely side of world. Much dollars spent to apply for genetic tracing and ancestry, at last found that you my closest relative! Shame we have be devided so long in world and histories, but I am happy most happy to be able to contact and say hi to you my lovely niece."

I was floored. My Mom and Dad never told me about this! How exciting to meet new relatives on the other side of the world, and out of the blue!

"I in a bit trouble now Miss Paige. You see my grandmother has gone away and I am all alone poor me to try and grow this corn farm which keeps me and my people lovely. Need your help we do to grow corns immediate, and we know you will help because you are lovely people. So please reply with information about your bank card, we do not have many bank cards where I am, we all sell in corn, that would be special help thanks Olivia Paige. Thanks, prince Absalom Kumaro."

I got up and paced around for a bit. What a great relative! I admit the language barrier made understanding a bit difficult in parts, but I got the gist. I wondered how he managed to get my email address in a place where it sounds quite difficult, I mean bank cards are rare, and they buy and sell in corn. So I replied quickly.

"Dear Mr. Kumaro, hello from the other side of the world! So great to hear from a relative I didn't even know I had. Wow, what's it like over there, what does the scenery look like? Well, corn, I gather. Well, I don't gather myself, I mean. Ah! I'm so annoyed I didn't know about you sooner! I'm sure my family will be very excited. Maybe we can even help you get a tourist visa to come visit! And you're a prince! Wow, I mean I know in our family we have some royal blood back centuries, but nothing this close. Do you like microwaves? Microwaves are ovens of the future. I've never tried to cook corn in them, though, I'll do that tonight and get back to you. But you asked about my bank card. It must be strange not having many, I'll try to give details the best I can.

It's rectangular, but rounded on the edges, mine is black, with the logo towards the upper right corner. All the numbers and everything are sort of towards the middle, but a bit lower I guess, and my name is right at the bottom. On the back there's this brown strip thing that I think pays for your shopping, and below that a little white box where you sign your signature. My signature is pretty illegible. I think it used to mean something. Well, anyhow, so great to hear from you, tell me more about your farm! Sincerely, Olivia Paige."

- Livi.