The Thorntons had me over for lunch today after church, which was really nice. It was turkey and cooked vegetables. I mean the turkey was also cooked, of course. Wes and Lendy run the local laundromat, so there you go. Wait, I meant Les and Wendy, sorry. So next time I may try going to the laundromat, although it's not local to me, but to the West area where the spire is, and of course local to the people who live in the West.

As we were sitting down to lunch, we were watching on occasion (I think I was paying them more attention than I should have) the kids playing out in the backyard out of the corner of our eyes. They were having a rollicking good time. Superliffic, and all that. They were running about the garden, the little girl in her dress, the little boy in his shorts and t-shirt, and they were chasing each other. We went back to conversation before I was looking again, and I went oh no as the boy picked up the top bit of the plastic bird bath and drenched his sister with it. It was mucky water, even I could see that from where I was. She started crying, poor girl, and the father stood up and excused himself from the table and went out. The little girl went running to her father's arms, but suddenly the little boy was nowhere to be seen. "Where are you?" cried the father, but the boy wouldn't come.

So he dried off his daughter, and then walked around for a bit calling his son's name and saying "what are you hiding for?" And I saw a pair of feet behind a juniper bush (that pointy green one with berries) and went aha that's where he is. And I listened out the window, and what I noticed was the father wasn't even angry, so much as disappointed in his son, and sad for what had gone down. Eventually he found his son, and talked to him a bit, and I could see the boy was crying, and I thought oh no how is this all going to end? Well as they were making their way back over to the house, I heard his father say, "you know, son, you've totally ruined her nice dress, and that means although I don't like it, I'm going to have to keep you away from the garden for a while, while Claire is there. You won't be able to play together. But I will do this for you, although you ower her this, but because you don't have any pocketmoney at the moment, I'll buy her a new dress. I promise you eventually I'll let you back out into the garden to play together."

Then Les came back in and sat down, and we continued our meal. The grape juice I liked a lot.

- Livi.