Today we had the evening hymn service by candlelight I was telling you about last week. Nearly everybody was able to make it, so it was quite packed inside, and I was glad for it. There's always something about hearing everyone's voices together that makes me want to sing.

They lit the candles, and turned the lights out, and I was looking around, it was so beautiful. Maybe you know what I mean if you've been to a candlelight service before, or carols. I sat up near the front and waited until I got my candle. Then I saw a large candle or something in the corner of my eyes, so I turned, and of course it was Mary turning on her headlights. We started with Be Thou My Vision, which has always been one of my favorite songs, and Amazing Grace, also one of my favorites. Then we sang And Can It Be, which is also one of my favorites. Those words were so good that I lost myself in singing and thinking about the words, even the first verse just reminds me so much of the gospel and how good it is. We sung the second and third verse, and I was just so moved by all the love that God has for us, sending his Son and dying in our place. We sung the fourth verse, "I woke, the dungeon flamed with light," and oh how glad I was at that moment in thinking when I first came to know him! I clasped my hands together, and a warmth radiated out from my hands, and swept up all over my body. And there was so much heat and light that I sang "my chains fell off" as loud as I could. Then suddenly everything went white and cold, and some sort of gas spurted around me, and I heard a voice beside me, "Livi, hold the candle AWAY from your body!"

But it was quite a good service. Tomorrow I think I'll go clothes-shopping.

- Livi