Well, today we were driving along a main road in the middle part of the city when Mary stopped and honked for no apparent reason. I said what Mary are you doing? She said there's another weird man there on the sidewalk. I looked, and yep there was another person holding a stack of brochures, this time handing them out to people who were walking by. I said Mary he's not going to come near you, he's one of those salesmen who hand out papers to people on the street. However, all this didn't convince her. She sped off super fast from the traffic light, and said that people with papers are evil. I have to remember she is only three. So I said no Mary people with papers are not all evil. I have papers at home. Grandma and grandpa have papers at home. L works with papers all day. Mary seemed somewhat convinced by this, but still, Mary does not like salesmen.

I remember when I was only eight I accidentally came up with a new recipe, called Fried Computer. The recipe is really quite simple, I'll share it with you. What you need is two pounds of baking soda, a cup of vinegar, and a forgiving Dad. You see, it was spring at the time, and my parents were doing spring cleaning, which means pulling apart a mattress and cleaning all the metal bits. So I decided to join in, and since he was talking to his friend about having to clean out his computer, I thought I'd surprise him by doing it for him. Now my mother always told me that baking soda and vinegar, besides being good for volcanoes in science class, also make good cleaners. So I poured in the two pounds of baking soda, followed by the vinegar into his computer. I waited for about two minutes, then deemed his computer clean. Dad said I had cleaned out all of his files. I congratulated myself on such a good job. I don't understand why he wasn't also as happy, since I did his work for him. But I learned something from that: you can't do other people's work for them. My point in all this, of course, is that Mary has to come to not mind salespeople by herself, I can't do it for her. I also learned that lesson when I tried to help Aunt May speed up her cooking because guests had already arrived. The course behind schedule was foil-wrapped jacket potatoes. My appliance of choice was, well never mind.

- Livi.