I went out to eat at the sub sandwich shop in the centre kind of area of town where all the restaurants are that we've gone to. I decided to eat in today, so I drove down and well actually Mary drove down, and parked in the parking lot, and I went in to have some lunch. Now I have to say that I didn't particularly get the metball sub taste last time I had the meatball sub, because well I was sick, and when you're sick, everything tastes like bark from a friend's neighbor's apple tree. Don't ask me how I know this. So I decided to order once more the famous DL favorite, and see what the fuss was all about. So I said hi may I have one meatball. Also a regular soda. She said no problem coming right up. I paid for my meal and was going to be shown a seat when something happened. Namely a honk and a flash of yellow light.

Now what had happened was that after I parked, there was a sales guy, probably Guy the sales guy, who was going around putting brochures under people's window wipers. Now I have instilled into Mary what my parents instilled into me at age three, and that is called stranger danger. So when this guy came near to her, and started reaching for her window wipers, what happened was she started her engine, revved it hard and reversed until she was at the entrance, where she honked for my attention. So I looked out and saw Mary, and beyond her, a salesman looking quite stunned and confused. I said to the lady at the counter, sorry my daughter is having some people issues again, and excused myself. I went out the doors and said to Mary what's going on, and she explained to me. I looked back at the man, who was now pointing and shaking towards Mary, and looking in the driver's seat. So I went up to him and said it's all right she just freaks out about people she doesn't know, she's quite harmless really. Then he started saying something about H.G. Wells, and I said I'm not in the mood for a literary conversation, so I told Mary to go park across the street, which she did. I then went back inside.

I said hi, I'm sorry, can I have that table number again? She said oh sure, number four please. I said thanks and took my seat. Before long the sub arrived, and I have to say it was really rather good, I can understand why the DL gets so into it, but I'm always a cheese, salad, and more cheese kind of girl. The salad helps me think I'm eating healthy. I finished my meal, and then walked over to cross the road, when I realized my shoe was untied. So I sat down on a bench there and started to untie it, when I looked up Mary had pulled up. I said oh thanks Mary that's nice of you, and hopped into the seat. I closed my eyes for a while while she drove on. The sun was nice and warm, it had just come out from behind a cloud, and I enjoyed the couple minutes of light before we pulled up somewhere, and someone started shrieking and talking to me. So I opened my eyes. We were at a traffic light. The driver beside me was pointing at me, and saying something about something. I rubbed my eyes, and looked at him, and raised an eyebrow. It was only when I got home and stepped out that I realized I had gotten into the passenger seat.

- Livi.