Today, I walked out of The Complex, when suddenly I was surrounded by bills.

I said to myself oh no now what, do I duck? but it wouldn't have made a difference, because they were all onto me. Electricity bills, water bills, gas bills... to be fair, I have been sick the past week, and it is bill time. There was however one nice envelope in there that was not a bill, and it said EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. Aha! I said, at last the agents have got back to me, what a relief. So I took the pile inside and began opening up the letter from the agency first. I looked through the letter of introduction, and then the paperwork, and it was quite a bit to be fair, but I figured well it's only once, and if it saves me time in looking for work, I've made it back anyway. They say these things pay off. So I sat down and picked up a pen, however it didn't mark anything on the paper. In fact, it un-marked things on the paper! I said oh no where has that checkbox gone? Then I realized. It was white-out.

So I picked up a pen, and started to write, but the white-out was still wet, so what I got instead was a big fat smudge of blue and white. I said well hmm this is a job for the microwave. So I popped in the paper for about ten seconds, very very low power, and yep the white-out dried. Then I redrew the check box, and continued on with my application.

Name: Olivia Paige, straightfoward enough. Address, phone number, age, gender, all pretty simple things. Then it came: "do you have any dependents?" Hmm. Now how do I answer that one? In what sense is Mary dependent? She's pretty grown-up these days, or at least likes to think she is. So I went down to Mary. I said hey Mary are you dependent on me for anything? She said yes for love and a home to live. I said well that's pretty much what I thought. So I went up and checked the box. Then I went downstairs and said by the way Mary you're always welcome to call this place home, I know you're growing up and all, but... she said thanks Livi you'll always be my Mom, and this will always be my home. I breathed a sigh of relief and then went back upstairs to my paperwork. The rest of them were pretty simple and straightforward, no trick questions asked except "have you ever been known by another name?" Wow. These agent people are good. I put down "Time Girl, Helga, and Bolivia Sage." I mean I could trust them, they're an agency after all, they deal with secret identities like mine all day long.

- Livi.