I woke up this morning feeling almost entirely well. I decided to give the doctor a quick call to see if I should still be contagious or not, and the good news is I'm well past spreading it into anyone. More now I'm just a bit on the tired side. These things happen, hopefully I learned some patience while I was sick. I gave the DL a ring and told them the good news, they said we should catch up after work today then! I said definitely.

So the MOPED happened again at last, drove up to the D's place this time and had food there which L brought from her slash her parents' place. I said hi good to see you again D-man, number twelve! They also said the same thing, and that we hadn't caught up for a long time, and how was I? I said well. They said hi Mary how are you? She then moved forwards and bumped me on the calves so I fell over. I got up and said Mary what was that for? She said I'm turning over a new paige.

Yep, she's my daughter alright. She's been around me too long now.

So I went on and explained, yes Mary is actually driving almost 100% of the time now, she even drove up here. DL were pleasantly surprised she was driving that much, I said it was really only heavy rain she wasn't comfortable in, but otherwise ok. Then we went in and had dinner, and DL talked about work, L about GSM and DPI, I asked how she was going getting the DPI down, she said no they're trying to make it higher. I said nothing, but I felt a bit sorry for her, and understood why she wanted to leave the company. the D talked about all those car things I don't understand, so I nodded approvingly. Then I said how I'd found a job agency to go job hunting for me, after my Dad had suggested it. Still waiting on the application letter, hopefully arrives soon and I'll get fired!

It's great to be well again, great to be out and about, wherever about is.

- Livi.