Mom, you always said that I'm terrible at meeting new people. Well, you're wrong. Only they're not the people I want to meet.

Today I took Mary out on a drive, I said you know what Mary I'm happy to make it a good long drive since you and I have been cooped up at home so long and yesterday was only a short one. She said sounds great, when can we go? I said after some lunch. So I had some lunch made in my firework oven, it was tasty, although not very pretty as in fireworks pretty since I wanted it also to be edible. There's another million dollar Livi idea: make a microwavable lunch that makes fireworks and also doesn't taste like fireworks after. You know it's cooked through when the fireworks start. Am taking 10% royalties on all sales.

So we went out to drive, and again Mary was chomping at the bits, I believe the saying is, which means that she is a horse. I said now Mary calm down, but all horses are naysayers. So although she technically did everything I told her to, you could tell that it was more a letter of the law kind of thing, which I guess is how you'd expect a three year old to be. So there we were driving along at this quiet time of day, just making it out of the blocks around The Complex, when we pulled up to a traffic light. Now I could hear another car coming up beside us, and what do you know Mary starts revving. I said Mary enough it's not a bicycle. And then I turn my head to apologize to the driver, and see it's an officer.

So he pulls me over and I try to apologize the very best I can. I mean I can't exactly explain it wasn't me. He was pretty good with me, I was actually really sorry about the whole thing, and he let me go with just a warning. I had a very long and very stern chat to Mary about road responsibility, and why I let her drive, and then we went on with the rest of our trip. I do think she got the message as she behaved, but wow I don't ever want to be pulled over like that again. I mean frankly I don't exactly look like a hoon, I've got a cute canary yellow bubble car, plus I'm wearing an orange jacket with love heart sunglasses that L gave me. Maybe that's why he let me off without a charge.

Anyhow, there you go M and D, I am still making... acquaintances in Sparrow Falls.

- Livi.