It was good my cough was down a bit, though not out, and definitely not K.O.'d. But it was down for at least enough of the count to make a call from M and D worthwhile. I said hi. They said hi. Then we talked about things for a bit, my cough at first since it was obvious, then some other things. I was asking how their work was going and so on, they were asking me if I went to church today since it was Sunday, I said no unfortunately since I've been sick, I don't want to pass it on. The only people I've seen lately have been Mary and the parcel man. Wow I just called Mary a person. They asked how I was managing with work and everything, I told them what I've told you, no luck so far, but I'm not stressed. Then they suggested something very helpful. To try a job agency. Now why I didn't think of that before? Since I'm not on welfare I might have to pay a fee, but still if it gets me a job before the six months of income runs out (thank you God) I'll be very grateful, and it would be worth it. So I said you know what M and D, I'll do that tomorrow, I'll call a job agency.

In other news I also mentioned how I saw Mr. Picnic, and nobody else believed me. M and D also said they found it a little hard to believe since there weren't any bear sightings for a hundred years at least. I said well you know how things happen when you're around me. Dad laughed and said yes Livi we sure do, then related some story from my childhood which I don't think was related to bears. But anyway. He also mentioned how he picked up the Sunday paper and read how some people in the Falls think there's an invisible man around. I said there you go you see, the Falls people are superstitious. He said how the invisible man was seen buying groceries and driving around. I said there you have it, now how impossible is that? And you say a bear is unlikely. There's never really anything worth reading in the news, it's all hype or people getting broken into.

After we had our call, I went and looked in the phone book really quickly, and found that there is indeed a job agency, though not in the Falls, in the city though, so I circled it (with black marker, yes) and left it open to get to tomorrow.

- Livi.