Well, apart from the fact that I'm still going through tissues and am a bit tired, I'm on the road to recovery, although I'm definitely not well. I'm not needing the Mary Remedy (TM) but as part of the aftermath of having a cold, my throat is playing scratchies, and has won itself lemon flavored lozenges. Talking is hard, sometimes breathing feels hard, but everything else is pretty alright, which I'm grateful for. It was also really nice today to get a surprise call from my pastor! It was really nice to know he was thinking and praying for me. The conversation went somewhat like this:

"Hi Olivia, how are you? This is Grahame here, sorry to hear you're sick, we all missed you on Sunday."
*Indecipherable grunting and trying to speak*
"Sorry, are you all right there?"
*Cough sniffle sniffle*
"Oh, I'm sorry to call if you've lost your voice."
*sniffle sniffle cough* "No it's just that-" *hacking cough*
"Well, I just wanted you to know that we're all praying for you, and you mean a lot to our family here."
*attempts to say thank you, instead imitates a crow playing the kazoo*
"Okay, well get well soon, Miss Paige. We'll hope to see you maybe next Sunday. Is there anything we can do for you in the meantime? Have you been able to get what you need?"
"Thanks, I-" *cough sniffle cough* "have-" *cough cough. cough cough cough-cough. Cough! cough, COUGH!*
"That's good. Well, make sure to call someone if you do. Take care Miss Paige. See you soon."

It's really good that blogs don't require speaking. Because otherwise you'd be decoding this:

Cough. Cough cough splutter, sniffle cough. Sniffle? Cough cough. Hack-hack-cough. Sniffle. Sniffle sniffle. Cough cough cough. Cough! Splutter-cough. Cough-splutter.

- Livi.