Dear readers, I'm sure you want some updates on my microwaving adventures. Well, I'll give you one. Did you know that juice cartons are sometimes foil packed, as in they have this sheet of foil in between the cardboard and plastic to keep them fresh? Neither did I. Once I finished my juice carton, I was reading the box (I'm still stuck at home, remember) and saw that it was "foil packed for freshness" and so I lifted the box up to the light, and saw inside that it did look metallic. So I said to myself, wow I never knew that a juice carton could be a box of fireworks. So I went on over to the counter bench thing on which my oven of the future sat, and I thought to myself hmm now long should I put it in for? I decided on the famous 1:23.

Lights, camera, action! At first it was pretty quiet, then next thing you know fireworks! fireworks everywhere. It was pretty spectacular, although the fireworks were fairly small compared at least to Ms. Tomson's rhubarb-and-cherry, but I wasn't complaining. Next thing you know the 1:23 was up, and I had toasted juice carton. I opened up the windows a bit, you know for some fresh air, and said to myself it's good the carton was empty. The cleaning up was pretty easy, and totally worth it. So there you go, juice cartons can be a box of fireworks. I'd definitely rate it a 3.5 stars.

- Livi.