I remember when I was little, my parents took me to a wedding. There were all these flowers being thrown about and people dancing, but what I remember most was being the flower girl. Being able to throw flowers as a job seemed the bees knees (do bees have knees?), it didn't even matter where I threw them. Actually if there was a job for that now, I'd probably still take it. I remember thinking how tall the people were, and that I'd never be that tall. And I was throwing flowers like mad (I think they were white roses or something) at the people, running down the aisle and basically having a lot of fun.

Then there came to me a sudden moment, I think when I stepped up near the altar, that I realized how important this was to them. It just kind of never occurred to me that this was anything but throwing flowers. So there I was running about when it dawned on me that I was helping celebrate the end of their engagement. So I asked them, what do you do when you're not engaged anymore? They just laughed and patted me on the head. I guess they didn't know either.

There's a bit I love in God is my Strong Salvation where it says "his truth be thine affiance when faint and desolate." That's kind of the same thing, isn't it? Everything here is just the engagement, we're waiting.

- Livi