Parcel man, parcel man, where have you been? Delivering mail, and packs of sunscreen. That's what he told me at least when he came, though not in those words. I said hmm it's a busy life for parcel men it sounds. He said yes.

But let me back up a little first. I'm out of groceries. And not being a doomsday prepper myself, when I'm out, I'm out. The only thing I stock in bulk is microwaves and standing fans, and now only microwaves. So since I wanted to do quite a big old shop, I called up the grocery people and made a big order. There's an extra fee of course for this kind of thing, but when you're sick, it's worth it. So I got myself some food, and waited for a couple hours, then Mark my word the parcel man showed up. I said ah my good old friend Mark how are you? He said that he was well. I also said oh by the way I'm sick so don't come in, just leave the parcels outside. That's why I'm standing way over here. He said no problems I understand hope you're feeling better soon. He also glimpsed in the room behind me, not sure what he was looking at. There was only a rug and thirty-two microwaves. He left the food and went off to Parcel HQ, and I went and had some lunch from the frozen meals, in my new microwave. Yes, you've probably forgotten which one this is when I say new. Well it's not that one I bought from the appliance store, this is the one from M and D. Thanks Mom, thanks Dad, it's a good future oven. Not as fancy as my newest old one, but good nonetheless.

I'm a bit tired of being stuck inside the house these days, I'm not super outgoing, but I don't like being inside for these many days in a row. Even though it's winter, I miss the fresh air (very cold at the moment too) and the hills and trees and everything. I'm not sure how long this cold will last, but I sure hope not for long.

I'm still a bit annoyed about missing out on that prize. I do wonder what it might have been.

- Livi.