My nose is getting more blocked by the day, but I'm not game to try the Mary Remedy (TM) for blocked noses, also known as eating several habaneros. I wonder if that's why she bought me all the peppercorns and hot paprika, to stock up for the future. Today I spent doing a bit of reading on my laptop, mostly on other blogs, some Christian, some general information, all good reading. I cranked up the heater way high because it's the middle of winter, also because I have a cold, thankfully today no fever, so I thank God for that. There was one site I was reading, I think it was the official government site for the weather, and they had all these interesting long range readings about the temperature and rainfall and so on. So I had a good look at the coming winter, and out of curiosity the spring and summer after, and looks like we're in for a bit of rain. Although sometimes I think they get the weather by drawing different forecasts on ping pong balls and putting them into a lotto machine. We don't really know how the weather will turn out, yep scientists aren't really in the know of so much as they think.

I had a very almost exciting thing today happen when I was on my laptop, I'll tell you all about it. I was going through this blog when something in the corner of the page, well actually the right side of the page, caught my eye. It was a big flashy thing with colors that said YOU ARE THE MILLIONTH VISITOR. I said what wow, like how much of a chance is that? I felt pretty lucky to have been the millionth. It was a pretty popular blog I guessed by the number of comments, but still what's the chance of old Olivia Paige hitting the lucky 1'000'000? It was good they had all flashy lights and colors, otherwise I might have missed it. So I moved my mouse over to it, and clicked. It brought up this box type thing that said I had won a mystery prize! Now that's pretty good luck, I mean I always like surprises unless it's an electricity bill. So I entered my email address like it said, and then hit "CLAIM YOUR PRIZE." But then the most terrible thing happened. Right before I could claim my prize, the window went red and blocked the whole page out, and there was text that said it had blocked a virus. I said AARGH! the timing of this virus and everything, it came up and stopped my computer just before I could claim my prize. And I was so close! So I hung my head, and said oh well you can't win every time I guess. Maybe I'll be the millionth visitor on some other site.

- Livi.