I was not feeling well today at all, definitely a home day. I said to Mary it's a good thing you can't catch a cold, then she started asking me why that was. I guess she wouldn't understand. Most of today I spent in bed, or rugged up on the sofa, but not with rugs, with actual blankets. I started getting annoyed at the whole fever thing, I mean you're so hot you're sweating, but feel so cold that you have to keep putting on more blankets. Then I remembered my Scotch professor saying that it was the body's way of killing viruses by the heat. True, we're made in fearful and wonderful ways, it's easy to forget that.

Now, in other news, since I usually go shopping Monday, but have been sick, my food supply is getting pretty low, and I wasn't feeling anywhere near well enough to cook properly, so I went down to Mary and asked, hey Mary I know it's a long shot, but would you be comfortable at all going through the drive-through for me, ordering some sub sandwiches or something? She said do you mean I get to go drive? I said yep definitely. She was pretty excited at this, I mean she's been cooped up here for three days now, so it seemed to work out well for both of us. She said but how will I pay and everything? I said I'll just tape the note on the door above your window, and leave the window open, they can throw in the sub from there. She said ok Livi sounds good, hope you're feeling better soon too. I said thanks Mary, so do I. Then I went upstairs, fished out a ten dollar note from my purse (not as easy as you'd think with all my other things in there) and got some Scotch tape, courtesy of my professor, and taped it onto the top corner of her door. Then I said well I might have a meatball sandwich like the DL order, also a diet cola. Thanks Mary. I switched her to automatic, and she was off.

I went back upstairs and crawled into the warm blankets, and waited until I heard the engine rumble sound downstairs. I watched some TV because I was too tired to do anything much more, nature channel I think it was, and then I heard a quick honk and got out and went into the garage. I said hi Mary how did you go? She said great Livi, I also got you some tissue paper since I know you were running out, and extra large spicy habaneros, which I read are good for clearing out your nose. I said wow thanks Mary, but how did you manage to get hold of chilli peppers and tissue paper, since you can't get them in a drive through? Then I said wait I don't even want to know on second thought, but thank you Mary! So I took the things and went upstairs to have some lunch, and put away the chilli peppers in the fridge. The rest of the day was pretty quiet, hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling better.

- Livi.