The question I was asking myself today was how do you get the frog out of your throat once it's there? There's no anti-frog lozenges or syrup. I'm trying ginger and honey tea, my grandma always said that's what you have for a cold. I don't know if it's really working, but it's keeping me warm, at least, and there's not the caffeine in it.

I missed going to church today terribly. I don't like being sick, but I don't like missing church more. I know some people say oh glad you've found a church, it's a good social outing. But I don't think these people know what they're saying when they say it. I go to church because I love the people, but more because I love God. And that's hard to explain to someone who doesn't. I get that it looks a bit organizational-y, I guess the same way I look at DL and go aww good for them, but I don't REALLY get it, because I'm not in their relationship. Once when I was in the city I overheard a guy tell his friend he met thirty new people going clubbing in the last two weeks. I didn't really get it myself, I mean if a guy came at me with a big wooden stick, I wouldn't want to say hi. But he apparently met as many people in a fortnight as are in the spire completely. I guess in some ways I see why people say that, I mean there's songs, like there are at clubs and all, but we sing them at church for a totally different reason. It's hard to explain, I mean how do you explain your love for God in that you WANT to be there, WANT to be listening to messages about God's love? I guess you can't.

Yeah, I guess I got annoyed today because I couldn't go to church, and also got annoyed because people say that it's just an organization. But you know something, if D really loves the L, or the other way, he wouldn't just take it if I said something about her. He'd get kind of annoyed if I did. I know this because I once joked that Mary and he had something for each other, and he didn't take that well at all.

- Livi.