Still trying to get fired from my job. I feel a bit today like I've exhausted every possible avenue, road, street, and boulevard looking for one. But you know, it's times like these when I also think how fortunate I am, I mean God's provided me with income, a house, friends, a great town. I really have nothing to complain of. Just sometimes it makes me feel a bit useless you know, although I'm plenty busy between church, looking for jobs, and catching up with friends or other events. I'm actually feeling a bit run down today, but nothing much, I'll make sure to get good rest tonight.

There's times in life when sometimes it feels like life is all about waiting. And I guess in a sense that's true, I mean we're all just really waiting, watching and waiting for a place to really call home. To a city not built by man. Sometimes it's times like these, instead of when life is a crazy mad rush that I stop to think, you know, what really matters I haven't lost, I haven't lost at all. And the people I love that I've lost, well they're not really lost either. I take a lot of hope from that these days. It's winter now, and sometimes it all feels dreary, there's not much blue sky or sun, people are all wearing black or gray, I'm just waiting on spring. Maybe we're all waiting on spring.

- Livi.