Well, I was washing dishes today when the La Cucaracha went off. I thought to myself, oh now what is it? Has the chicken finally got to the other side? But I went down and said Mary are you alright? And she said there's a bee in my bonnet. I said oh I thought something new was happening. She said there is, there's this bee in my bonnet! And then I heard a buzzing sound, and memories of the falls came back to haunt me.


I said Mary you stay right there (remember she can drive now, and the roller door was open, hence the bee) and I went around her, and tried to figure out where it was coming from, it did in fact seem like the bonnet. So what I did was open it up real quick, then duck and head for the door. Pretty much straight away the buzzing sounded again, I assume it was trying to fly to who-knows-where, so I said to myself, NOT MY HAIR and closed the door behind me. I waited with my ear to the door, and the buzzing went on for some time, then it kind of went away, at least I think it went away. However, I do not like bees at all, so I stayed behind the door and waited until I was sure the coast was clear. But then the funniest thing happened. There came a "MOOOM!" from behind the door, and I said BEE RIGHT THERE! and started to open the door, when it hit me. She didn't call me Livi. Somehow she's grown to see me as her actual parent. I stood there for a moment in shock (like that time I was eight and couldn't get the toast out of the toaster) and then felt like my eyes had something in them. I called out to her I'm right here Mary, and again that first thought hit me that she didn't call me Livi, she didn't call me Livi. I said to myself, wow is this what parenthood feels like? Then I opened the door, and the second thought that hit me is oh my gosh my daughter's a car.

I said how are you going Mary? She said oh I'm good now Mom, can you close my bonnet now? There's no bees in it. I said well you're right Mary, you don't always have bees in your bonnet. Now did you want to go for a drive?

- Mom.