They bearly believe me. Apparently the animal I saw yesterday doesn't exist in Sparrow Falls, or at least hasn't for as long as anyone living can remember. I told this to L, and she said it was a paw joke. I said I'm not joking, really I'm not. I also mentioned this to D, he said he was surprised to hear. Oh well, maybe it's just my luck, or career opportunity. Olivia Paige, cryptozoologist. Next on list: bigfoot.

In other news, I said to D on a call today that I think we should get the M a driving test, she's so good and comfortable driving on the roads, only she gets a bit freaked out by the rain. D said that's a good idea, we should take her down south and then back up to your place. I said that's a good idea. Maybe we'll even see Mr. Picnic on the way. Hopefully he was attacking some of those bees with knees or no knees.

So we did it, the whole OPMDL gang, which I am renaming to MOPED. Mary Olivia Paige Elle Dylan, yes that's perfect. So we all piled in the car, D in the driver, me and the twelfth in the back, and we went on a drive to Mr. Picnic's place. But we agreed that we had to test her a bit more than that, so what we did was got her to do some weird manuevers and challenges along the way. Let me tell you about them.

First we went through some traffic lights that were out of the way, on porpoise. We went down some weird back streets whose roads are very narrow, and she did fine. Then we got her to do parking, this time parallel. She eased into it so well that I almost jumped out of my seat. It's good that I didn't, because there's a roof overhead. I said Mary how did you learn to parallel? She said it's a driving instructor's book I was reading. I said but I've never read you a driving book. She said it's an ebook she got online. The kids these days.

Then we were driving down this central bit of town where the main restaurants are, and there was a sign flashing that said DRIVE THROUGH. We all looked at each other and had the same idea. D said Mary now you're going to go through a drive through. So we went through. I ordered a salad sandwich, DL both ordered meatball sub sandwiches. Mary ordered extra large cola slurpee, and nachos. I cancelled the extra large slurpee and nachos. We picked up our food, and I said Mary well done, that's how you go through a drive through. She said no that's how YOU go through a drive through.

We continued on our way to the south of town, did a loop back without seeing any of Mr. Picnic, and took her on a few roads that had school crossings and other weird zebra lines. She passed all of them, so when we got out at my place, we all congratulated her and I said, you know what Mary, I wasn't sure at first, but you can drive as good as the rest of us, I don't see any reason now why to keep you in manual, except if there's rain. Only promise me one thing, Mary. She said what. That you'll use your powers only for good, and never for evil. Many people use these roads daily. Promise me that. She said I promise Livi. Then I said well I can't exactly get you a drink, um D can you get her an oil or something? He laughed and said sure, is it the ZX-20 or the double L today, Mary? She said the double L. Well, there you have it. My daughter is all grown up. Thanks twelfth and fourth for such an adventure. May many more begin!

MOPED out.

- Livi.