About yesterday's short drive, well when I say short...

Today I went to the Sparrow Auto to get a GPS installed. I had given the D a ring beforehand, not that I was proposing to him or anything, because that's his job to L, and he's already done it anyway. He said sure I've got enough time, come around tomorrow and we'll get the M a GPS. AN MGPS, I said. That was yesterday, so today after lunch (I had scrambled eggs on toast, mk. II) Mary drove herself down to the D, and we rolled up. I said D, thanks for making time. He said no problem. I said so how does this thing work exactly? Well, he said...

As far as I can repeat this to you, this is how the MGPS works. There is a box full of fairies that sits by what D called the firewall (I didn't know Mary was flame proof) and hooks up to the whatchimajig wire, which carries fairy dust from the box to Mary's navigation system thing. Somehow the whatchimajig wire also connects to the shark fin on top of Mary's roof, which I am told is in fact an antennae. I was a bit disappointed by this, I had thought it meant she could swim. But he wired the whole thing up, and the fairies had a new home in less than half an hour. After he had done, and explained some things to Mary about the transducifier aqueduct, I said D, what does MGPS stand for? He stood there kind of stunned, as if realizing he didn't know something relating to cars, which is his specialty. I patted him on the back, and told him I only just discovered that microwaves are called that because they emit a form of energy called microwaves. Then I pointed my pointer in the air, and said MGPS STANDS FOR




I froze here with my pointer in the air and said uh over to you D-man. He stroked his chin (he needs a beard) and said um... stoically?

Mary's Grilling Pikelets Stoically. After all, flapjacks are pretty serious business.

- Livi.