We went for a good old drive, Mary and I, Mary taking some of the roads she hasn't driven herself, but knows pretty well, since we've traveled them before. She's definitely remembering the roads, which is good, since I'm not great with direction at the best of times. There was this park over West we passed by, and it was quite memorable, I'll tell you about it in a minute. I think I mentioned last time that we took a drive over in the industrial section because it tends to be less busy with traffic, mostly the occasional truck going in or out from warehouses. I guess Sparrow Falls is a good place to store goods? Never thought about that before. And we came to the end of our drive before long, at least as far West as I was willing to go, so I said Mary let's turn back, but let's go a different way. Now you may recall how I said I am not very good with direction. As it turns out, neither is Mary. And so as we went into this part of the neighborhood we didn't know, suddenly I forgot which way was west. And because of that, I also forgot which way was north, south, and east. We drove on for a little while before we stopped at this park place I was telling you about before, and now I'll tell you about it more properly.

You see, the reason we stopped is that there was all this commotion with a few families and kiddies running about. The kiddies were super happy, but the parents, oh boy they were not happy. The park I think is probably better called a playground, in the middle of this industrial zone still, so it was all fenced off so to be safe from traffic. I said Mary, I think something's going wrong here, we should pull up. And so we did on the side of the road. And then I got a better look at it. You see, this playground was fenced with that standard black iron fence stuff they make fences out of. Actually I think it's only black because they spray paint it. And the adults were going all about one side of this fenced-off playground, and pulling on part of the fence that I then saw was in fact a gate. But it seemed stuck. Like really stuck. And I had a second look at the whole scene again. What had happened was that the families were strolling by (their walkers were still outside the gate, so I don't think they went in) and the kiddies saw a park, and like all kids, became excited and wanted to enter in. So what they did was found a way between part of the fence where a bar was missing, just large enough for a kiddie to get through, but not their overlords. They were running all about this park, having the time of their lives. It was all grassed, and with shrubs and flowers and slides and things, and they were having a blast. Their parents were still outside in this industrial concrete zone area, and they were shouting at their kids to come out, since they couldn't come in. One of the adults tried to squeeze, but without any luck at all.

I stood there (well, actually, I sat) watching for a minute or two, and it seemed so funny to me. At first I watched the parents, and then I watched the kids, and one of them called out to his Dad to come play, and well he was the guy who tried to fit through, but couldn't. I said to Mary, or maybe to myself, "as children," and we drove off. I had a few things going on today, but this one keeps playing back in my mind, so I thought I would share it with you.

- Livi.