Yes. But did you know you can't make jelly in a kettle? No reason I bring this up. A friend of a friend told me that she boiled the jelly in her kettle and then forgot it, now her kettle's full of jelly. Guess when life gives you kettles, you make jelly?

The garbage truck came by today, talked to him because I was new, and he wasn't in a particular rush. That's what I love about Sparrow Falls. Apparently you can get into the garbage business first by driving transport trucks. From there it's only a small step up. I asked him what his interest was in driving around a dump truck. He said he liked the hours, and the people of Sparrow Falls. I asked (I tried to politely) how he managed the nose. He said that he more or less puts up with it, it's part of the job. I was pretty inspired by him to be honest. How often I complain about small things that turn to jelly. And you know what, it's one of those jobs that are unseen, probably unthanked, but if he decided to have time off for even a week, we'd all know. I guess a lot of our service and life is the same way, we don't see the payoff here.

He also told me a funny story about one time he was driving through Sparrow Falls in the upland park area North of the reserve, and he was picking up some hard waste left out for collection. There was a microwave, a fridge, and part of an oven. I say part because he wasn't even sure what it was. Anyhow, as he went to pick up the fridge he noticed that there was still food in it. Like a lot. There was in fact most of a cheesecake and some fruit and vegetables, like it had been thrown out in a hurry. Now he had a friend whose wife went on a weekend visit to The Wold to visit a girlfriend, and she said to him to not touch the temperature on the fridge, because it was temperamental. She left the next day and what do you know, he touched the thermostat and the fridge wasn't working. Now the only other person he knew with a red Smeg fridge was his friend Darren, so he just bought it off him and quickly replaced the broken fridge, and left the old one at his place. The next morning his wife arrives, and Darren's fridge is nowhere to be seen. She tells him it's ok, she noticed the thermostat was broken just before she left, and the courier just came and threw the old one out.

In other news, it's an appliance sale on at the store today. Microwave ovens 40 percent off, blenders 10 percent off, kettles 35 percent off. So looks like life is still giving me kettles.

- Livi