A bit early, and not on Sunday, the Clan decided to get together (Erik, Cassie, Susan, Kingsley), and I got an invite to join them. Pita also joined, having made friends with the K and S at the instead. I said not sure if Mr. Marcon will have me back. They said oh don't worry about last time Livi, it happens to the best of us. I was glad to know. So I joined them, we all sat down around the table and looked at the menu, while I looked at all the coffee beans. I said to myself, well I bet that one tastes like coffee, probably that one over there too. I bet that really expensive, top-shelf one also probably tastes like coffee.

I was raised on instant.

Also, I raised my cat on instant. But don't tell Dad. Dad, you don't read this blog, do you?

So the Clan and Pita ordered coffee, and Pita ordered a wrap. I tried to refrain from saying something. I ordered the routine poutine, as did ECSK, and I said to Susan, hey since you bought lunch for me last time, let me buy lunch for you. She said sure, thanks, and then proceeded to list what she would have. I looked at the menu too, and decided I'd have what the King was having. So I went up to the Marcon and said, "can I please have a long white and a flat black?" He looked at me strangely. I said oh no now what do I have on my face? And I dropped a coin from my pocket so I could duck down to look at my reflection in the cabinet. But nothing seemed unusual. So I stood back up and said with conviction, I'D LIKE A LONG WHITE AND A FLAT BLACK, PLEASE! Also two poutines. He said I'm sorry we don't serve those drinks, did you mean something else? I said to Mr. Marcon, hold on a minute, and I went to Susan and handed her some change, and said my brain has fried itself, sorry, can you order? I'll have what you're having. She said sure.

At lunch, we had a good old chat about the instead, and EC were asking all about it, I said well you missed out on the leaves. Susan said you also missed out on the microwaving. EC said what? And Kingsley sat back in his seat and waited as the S told the tale. At the conclusion of it, well, the EC were thoroughly disappointed they couldn't have made it. I said well you're invited to my house anytime. Just not between the hours of 10pm and 8. I'm probably sleeping. The K talked a bit about how his study was going, and also the C, then the K asked offhand how Sauntie was going, and the conversation went quiet. I thought oh no what do I say? Susan broke down a bit, and I had to explain for her how Sauntie actually wasn't doing very well at all, and that it was hard for Susan. The poutine went kind of cold at this point. But I said you know, we should all be here for our beloved S as much as we can these days, I know we try to anyhow, but sometimes life gets in the way. I put my arm around S, and she sat there a while, and I said to them, you know, Susan's made me feel at home actually so much these past months that I've been here, also the DL, but Susan in particular has helped me get to know people, and it's been so good getting to know the S. And Susan said well how are you going too these days Livi? And I said alright, sometimes better, sometimes worse, always hoping. And then she got around to talking about Sauntie's faith, and then, even through the tears I could see that good old S shining through, and I said yep you see, this is the Susan we know, sorrowful, but always rejoicing. We had a good long hug then, and she thanked me for being there for her, and I thanked her for being there for me. I think she's grown a bit closer to me this last month or so, almost like she's joined the DL club. I thought to myself, there you go Livi, you're not always incapable, here you've helped another friend. I turned back towards her, and was almost about to say something when I knocked my coffee cup onto her dress.

- Livi.